Why us?

We work in partnership with parents and enable families to thrive.

The fundamentals

The foundations of our bespoke curriculum are built upon our core values; the things that we believe all children need to thrive.


We prioritise the emotional well-being of every child in our care, regardless of age, gender, ability, race, or religion. We believe parents are key educators and aim to build honest, trusting relationships with them to support each child's development. Our nurseries actively foster connections and a sense of belonging.

Purposeful, powerful environments

Influenced by Scandi design, the work of Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia, our environments are designed to inspire and guide children’s play, inventiveness, and emerging independence. Every space has been created with a child’s discovery and exploration in mind, with areas for creativity, communication, and imaginative play.

Dedicated Workforce

Our 'ratio plus 1' policy ensures additional staff in playrooms, offering the care and attention needed for children to thrive. Our dedicated team, passionate about early years, provides top-notch care and education. Every person at Cub plays a crucial role in our vision for outstanding childcare and education.

Outdoor exploration

Our outdoor play areas, designed with industry experts, offer equipment and activities for holistic child development. We encourage children to grow healthy, strong, and resilient by fostering self-confidence, independence, and self-esteem through outdoor play, where they learn about boundaries and challenges.

Sequential play

We promote play with high-quality, open-ended sensory toys and resources, fostering creativity, concentration, exploration, and imagination. Our skilled practitioners engage purposefully, tailoring activities to children's interests and offering an arts-based curriculum.

Our curriculum goals

We encourage our children to be healthy, kind, creative and curious. Communication and language development is a key priority of our work, and our goal is to ensure that all children learn to be confident talkers. Our Curriculum Goals outline what we want children to learn while in our care.

Our teaching approach

Our flexible and responsive educators will guide and support your child through planned and child- initiated activities. The early years are where magic can be found. It is our role to open children’s eyes to the awe and wonder of the world before them.

We support children’s progress across all areas of learning…

Sustainable menus

Our commitment

A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are essential for children’s health and wellbeing. Research confirms that healthy eating habits in the years before school influence a range of health and development outcomes in later life. 

At Cub, we value and appreciate the opportunity to help every child eat well, enjoy a varied diet, and establish healthy eating habits to take with them into their school years.

A sustainable approach

A core value of sustainability is encouraging everyone to get involved with creating positive impacts on society, the economy, and the environment. At Cub, we aim to teach children about how growing, buying, cooking and wasting food will impact our future. 

  • Our menus have been designed using the key principles of sustainable food provision.
  • We serve a maximum of one portion of meat per day, and one in six days is ‘meat-free’.
  • We use sustainable fish; we serve oil-rich fish once a week and buy from sustainable sources.
  • All our meals are made using fresh and healthy ingredients; we do not use processed foods on our menus.
  • We use seasonal produce. Our menus have been planned around the produce that will be in season.
  • We seek to use local suppliers wherever possible, for our meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.
  • As potatoes and bread are a local and sustainable source of energy in the UK, they feature regularly on our menus.
  • Peas, beans, and lentils are versatile, sustainable foods, and feature in many of our meals and snack.

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